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The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Maxx

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Bold Hold Maxx is the latest and greatest silicon adhesive technology in the Bold Hold Product Line. This is our 1st true maximum hold silicon adhesive. This adhesive can yield holds in excess of 4 weeks with proper application by a certified professional. Its great for all types of hair systems and hair units.

Bold Hold Maxx should be applied by certified professionals only. We advise non professionals not to use the product. This adhesive is lab tested ad is skin safe for normal skin types. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. This product is flammable and must be handled with extreme caution. Bold Hold Maxx should be stored in a well ventilated cool environment.

A silicon based adhesive

Great for Lace/Poly Hair Systems and Men's systems

4 week hold if applied properly


Latex Free

Active Ingredients: Ethyl, Acetate