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Mom & Me Value Pack

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Our stylists and staff worked hard to select the perfect product combination for mother and daughter. With this value pack, you save and also enjoy free shipping  (within Canada).

For Moms: We selected the Olaplex 4 and Olaplex 5. 

Olaplex 4: A highly-nourishing and reparative shampoo. The N°4 Shampoo repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses — including damaged hair, split ends, and frizz — by re-linking broken bonds. Leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and healthier with each use. N°4 is color-safe and proven to reduce breakage and strengthen all types of hair.

Olaplex 5: A highly-moisturizing, reparative conditioner for all hair types. This leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and healthier with each use. Protects and repairs damaged hair, split ends, and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. It is color-safe and will strengthen and leave your hair stronger than ever.

For Kids: What better way to keep your hair moist and healthy than using one of the best nourishing shampoo and leave-in conditioner & detangler. The team selected the Taliah Waajid Berry Clean 3 in 1, and the Taliah Waajid Tangles Out Today Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler.

Berry Clean 3 in 1 Shampoo: The Berry Clean ™ Bilberry and Chamomile Formula cleanses, softens and conditions in one setting. Cuts hair shampooing sessions in half. Moisturizes and leaves hair soft and manageable. Quality ingredients and Herbal extracts and free of harsh chemicals. This gentle Berry Clean™ formula cleanses, softens hair to make it manageable. Follow the steps in the “How To Use” tab and you are on your way to ouch-less, healthy hair care for little ones.

Tangles Out Today Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler: Tangles Out Today! Leave in conditioner & detangler can be used on wet or dry hair. Part and Twist hair into 5 or more sections. Undo one section and apply a moderate amount of Kinky, Wavy, Natural. Use fingers to distribute product from scalp to ends to untangle hair before combing. Use afro tooth comb from the end of the hair and work your way to the scalp until the section is free of tangles. Brush toward scalp for root stimulation. Clip, Repeat throughout entire head.

Detangling Brush: This detangle hair brush has flexible head with separate nylon bristles can easily detangle matted hair, good for curly, wavy, long and thick hair or normal hair-without damage. The hair brush is suitable for both wet and dry hair and cuts down your detangling time with better result.